Review Request 116604: Allow directories with . as output for meinproc

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Sat Mar 8 23:55:50 GMT 2014

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Review request for Documentation, KDE Frameworks, kdelibs, and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.

Bugs: 246755

Repository: kdoctools


The outputFile parameter is not used by the stylesheets, so don't pass it. If a directory starts with ".", it is interpreted in a wrong way by libxslt with an error like:
XPath error : Invalid expression
runtime error
Evaluating user parameter outputFile failed
This is an old issue, it was "solved" on windows by not compiling that code, but I suspect that the issue has been in UNIX systems too for a long time.

Another way to solve the bug is quoting the value of the parameter with '...', replacing:

with something like
QString quotedOutput = "'" + parser.value(QStringLiteral("output")) + "'";

but anyway in this case the name of output file is not used, or I can't find any occurrence in the stylesheets. 
The stylesheet is applied and the name of the file is used only after to write the generated XML (see tranform() function).

A similar patch can be applied to kdelibs/kdoctools too (same codepath).


  src/meinproc.cpp 95adcea 



Run meinproc5 (and 4) with -o /something/with/a/.dotdir/myfile.txt (the directory must exist), no error anymore and the file is generated.


Luigi Toscano

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