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Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:32:31 BST 2014

Forwarding here as I was reminded that is more a kde-core-devel topic.

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Subject: default wallpapers
Date: Monday 30 June 2014, 19:09:00
From: Marco Martin <notmart at gmail.com>
To: plasma-devel at kde.org

Hi all,
besides the breeze wallpaper, there will be 3 extra wallpapers shipped by 
default, that are the ones that won the contest.
the real big question, is: *where to put them?* that's one I don't have an 
answer at the moment.
seems that ideally would have to be a svn repository.. but if they are going 
to live in the future and not be shutdown altogether

Marco Martin

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