Review Request 118898: KGamma: Apply user setting at login/startup

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at
Mon Jun 23 14:06:03 BST 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace, Plasma and Marcel Wiesweg.

Bugs: 218668

Repository: kgamma


KGamma's saved user settings are not applied on startup/login. The user has to enter the KCM to apply them.
This makes it rather useless, as not even saving the settings system-wide really works any more. (this requires an xorg.conf which normally doesn't exist nowadays)

This patch factors out the function init_kgamma() into its own source file (init_kgamma.cpp), adds a small executable (applykgammasettings) that just applies those settings by calling that function, and installs applykgammasettings.desktop to ${AUTOSTART_INSTALL_DIR} that runs applykgammasettings on login.

PS: As there seems to be no kgamma group and this is desktop-related, I decided to add the kde-workspace and plasma groups for review. I hope that's ok... ;)


  kcmkgamma/CMakeLists.txt 3980023 
  kcmkgamma/applykgammasettings.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  kcmkgamma/applykgammasettings.desktop PRE-CREATION 
  kcmkgamma/init_kgamma.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  kcmkgamma/kgamma.cpp 890ba99 



Set a gamma value in the KGamma KCM, logout/login (or reboot), Gamma value 
gets set correctly.

If there's no kgammarc file (or it contains no actual gamma settings), the Gamma value is not changed. It stays at what is configured for X (or its default). 


Wolfgang Bauer

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