Review Request 118858: Fix crashes in KUrlNavigator that are caused by accesses to objects which have been deleted in nested event loops

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Sun Jun 22 08:58:27 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs.


Thanks for your comments, Christoph and Dominik! It's interesting that this kind of crash was already discussed in 2009. I'd like to emphasize though that the problem is not limited to the "quit via D-Bus" use case. None of the reporters of the KUrlNavigatorCrash mention D-Bus in their reports. Lots of other things can happen inside nested event loops: timers can fire, slots can be called via queued connections, etc. Some of these things might delete objects unexpectedly, and cause crashes which are very hard to reproduce.

Trying the "D-Bus quit" method for every dialog and context menu in every application might actually reveal more real bugs that cause rare random crashes.  

I did find another nested event loop-related bug in KUrlNavigator: in KUrlNavigator::Private::openContextMenu(): the menu, which is a child of the KUrlNavigator, is created on the stack. This causes a crash if the navigator is closed inside the loop because the QObject destructor tries to delete the child object on the stack.

The fix is quite straightforward: move the menu to the heap, and use the same "delete the menu if the QPointer is not null" idea like in KUrlNavigator::Private::openPathSelectorMenu().

If noone sees a problem with the second version of the patch, I'll commit it in the next few days and forward-port to KF5.

Bugs: 293863

Repository: kdelibs


KUrlNavigator opens menus with exec() in a few places, and accesses member variables or pointers to children after that. This can cause crashes if the object has been deleted inside the nested event loops.

This can be fixed by using QPointers to detect if an object was deleted already, and return immediately in that case.

Diffs (updated)

  kfile/kurlnavigator.cpp f5dfc81 
  kfile/kurlnavigatorbutton.cpp 6cb40b1 



Cannot reproduce the crashes any more. The menus in KUrlNavigator still work fine for me.


Frank Reininghaus

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