Fwd: Re: Duplicate nm translations into SVN repo

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sat Jun 14 22:33:18 BST 2014

Hi all,
I was trying to figure out where to move translations of plasma-nm  (the new
one) now that it's out of kdereview, and I realized that it should land in two
different namespace for the kf5 version (already in kde/workspace) and
kdelibs4 (where kde/workspace is not available).

A bit of context is provided below (the discussion with Jan), question is:
would it make sense to move the kdelibs4 version under extragear-network as
the old applet?

Jan Grulich ha scritto:
> On Saturday 14 of June 2014 23:13 you wrote:
>> Jan Grulich ha scritto:
>>> On Saturday 14 of June 2014 13:47 you wrote:
>>>> Jan Grulich ha scritto:
>>>>> On Friday 13 of June 2014 23:36 you wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Jan,
>>>>>> I was a bit lost: are the files in playground-network and kdereview the
>>>>>> same, or is the kdereview version the kf5 one?
>>>>>> Ciao
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> there should be just one plasma-nm repo which is now under
>>>>> kde/workspace.
>>>>> This repo contains KDE 4 version in 0.9.3 branch and kf5 version in
>>>>> master.
>>>> Was plasma-nm moved yesterday? I'm trying to track the changes in the
>>>> code
>>>> :)
>>> Yes, it was moved yesterday from kdereview to kde/workspace.
>> Ok, perfect.
>>>> Also: this applies to kde/workspace for trunk/l10n-kf5, but kde/workspace
>>>> does not exist in the kdelibs4 world. Where (namespace) do the
>>>> translations
>>>> belong there?
>>> I'm not sure what do you mean.
>> The kf5 version belongs to kde/workspace; but where should we map the
>> generated translations for the kdelibs4 version? Which means: in the kde4
>> world, where is plasma-nm? It can't be in kde/workspace because that
>> namespace does not exist in kdelibs4! So where should it land?
>> I think this is one of the first occurrence of this issue, maybe it happened
>> something similar for baloo, not sure. Question for kde-core-devel?
> The old NM applet is in extragear/base and my first intention was to move 
> plasma-nm to the same place, but would be probably better to ask on kde-core-
> devel.
>>>> I see that libplasmanm_editor.pot was called
>>>> libplasmanetworkmanagement-editor.pot before (playground-network), is it
>>>> intended?
>>> Yes, this is intended. I renamed those libraries to avoid conflicts when
>>> you are installing kde4 and kf5 versions together.
>> Makes sense.
>> So the only issue remaining is the one above: I don't know where to put the
>> kde4 version.


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