SymbolEditor moved to KDE Review

Steve Allewell steve.allewell at
Tue Jun 3 06:34:08 BST 2014


The application SymbolEditor was recently imported to KDE Playground 
under the KDE Incubator process (with KXStitch) having previously been 
hosted on Sourceforge.

SymbolEditor is a QPainterPath symbol creator and was originally written 
to provide symbol libraries for the KXStitch application which is a 
cross stitch pattern creator. There is a possibility that these symbol 
libraries may be useful to other applications that may use similar 
functionality or requirements. It is a stable and mature application 
having been in development for a number of years and has had several 
stable releases.

An initial wiki entry has been created here.

A description of the file format used is here.
A more suitable home to be determined.

Having fulfilled the incubation criteria, SymbolEditor has now been 
moved to KDE Review with the aim of eventually moving to 
Extragear/Graphics if the review is approved.

To cover the requirements for submission:
* A Docbook manual is included in the source. Yuri Chornoivan has been 
making some changes to reorganise the manual folder, fix some typos and 
some images.

* No libraries are supplied but apidox is used to document the code.

* There are no krazy issues reported at EBN
(not sure if this will move with the move to KDE Review)

* No specific usability tests have been done, but SymbolEditor is being 
used by a few users with few problems being reported bug or usability wise.

* There are no obvious performance problems identified at this time.

* SymbolEditor is completely translatable and a number of translations 
already exist. Albert Astals Cid has moved these to l10n.

Please review the SymbolEditor application and let me know what needs 
attention to reach an acceptable position.

Best Regards

Steve Allewell

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