Review Request 119454: Make FindPyKDE4 work with PyQt's new build system.

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Tue Jul 29 18:10:02 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs, Scott Kitterman, Luca Beltrame, and Andrea Scarpino.

Bugs: 327633

Repository: kdelibs


Since PyQt 4.10, PyQt.pyqtconfig is deprecated and not available unless
PyQt is built using the old configure script.

PyKDE4 itself has recently been adjusted to mimic PyQt itself and only
install its pykdeconfig module if pyqtconfig is present. Additionally,
information such as SIP flags and the directory where PyKDE's SIP files
are installed are now also provided in the

This commit completely rewrites to make it look like
FindPyQt.cmake after commit a7e4743: most of the information used by
FindPyKDE4.cmake is fetched from PyKDE4.kdecore, and we first try to
obtain the SIP flags and directory from pykdeconfig and, if it fails, we

Furthermore, now only prints the variables that are
actually consumed by FindPyKDE4.cmake -- it is not possible to obtain
all the data provided by pykdeconfig in PYKDE_CONFIGURATION. We've also
stopped reading and setting PYKDE4_VERSION_TAG, since PyKDE4 stopped
setting a KDE tag in 2008 (and its value was 3_92_0 at the time).


  cmake/modules/FindPyKDE4.cmake 98f7c37477393731152d2d8fd51fc50cb9bbd9ef 
  cmake/modules/ e436c2a907efe5e8f764e14ed921d3a87d413f34 



Modules such as Kate's Pate plugin detects and builds fine without pyqtconfig and pykdeconfig on the system.


Raphael Kubo da Costa

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