Review Request 119393: Offline cores segmentation fault fix

Isaac Gomez isaac at
Tue Jul 22 04:21:25 BST 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace.

Repository: ksysguard


[PATCH] Offline cores segmentation fault fix


  ksysguard/ksysguardd/Linux/cpuinfo.c 9427ec0 
  ksysguard/ksysguardd/Linux/stat.c 534a465 



ksysguardd gets segmentation fault if a processor from the middle is offline because it takes de id as and array index; for example if we have the core 0 and 2 online but not the 1, the program will crash when trying to access array index 2 at the begining of the execution.
I changed the code to separate the array index from the id's and tested with the offline core and also with all the cores online.


Isaac Gomez

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