Review Request 119363: Patch for kde-baseapps to make it build on the OSX/CI system

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Sat Jul 19 13:09:09 BST 2014

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(Updated July 19, 2014, 2:09 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Base Apps, Luigi Toscano and Nicolás Alvarez.


Add notes regarding kdoctools setup on the OSX/CI system

Repository: kde-baseapps

Description (updated)

I need to upgrade the docbook DTD from 4.2 to 4.5 to be able to build this project.


I have done similar checkins for other projects like step and kgeography, but I am unsure whether this is really the way to go, although Nicolas made the same for kalgebra lately.

Luigi wrote in that this should work with kdelibs4support installed. It is installed on the OSX/CI system, but still it doesn't work.


So, perhaps it is worthwhile diagnosing what goes wrong there instead of committing this RR?!

What can I do to let kdoctools tell me where exactly it expects to find its catalogues?

Let me add that kdoctools definitely expects its files in "/Library/Application Support/kf5/kdoctools" in my case, because I had to copy them to there manually after successfully building kdoctools:

$ ls /Library/Application\ Support/kf5/kdoctools

Also note, that I use this global setting for configurePlatformArgs: -DDATA_INSTALL_DIR="Library/Application Support".


  doc/konqueror/index.docbook a1f8565404be0289b51af37df1687e0911a01fe5 
  dolphin/docs/index.docbook 5fe85f5d130e3723af556fb02b53970206d1c765 
  kdepasswd/docs/index.docbook 2ecef470ac8a9384b7aeb16f123f834d040ee375 
  kfind/docs/index.docbook d46dfa4138991a356eec32a7043a883150eb81c2 
  kfind/docs/man-kfind.1.docbook ef2eb3b9fb1ed1a84ae33fa631b0295a029444e0 



Builds/installs fine


Marko Käning

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