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Wed Jul 16 22:40:29 BST 2014

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This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.

Repository: kdelibs


KUrl::prettyUrl() rewrites mailto: URLs als mailto:// if the "path" is empty.
MUAs don't handle mailto:// URLs correctly.

mailto:test at
mailto:?to=test at
are both valid and semantically equivalent.

KUrl::prettyUrl() converts the latter one to mailto://?

This works fine:
kde-open mailto:test at

but this fails:
kde-open mailto:?to=test at

For example with Thunderbird it creates a mail with:
To: //
To: test at

The mailto:// behavior was introduced with

The proposed change special cases mailto so it always uses mailto: instead of mailto://.


  kdecore/io/kurl.cpp 8c491f7 
  kdecore/tests/kurltest.cpp 1fd204f 



Tested with kdelibs 4.13.2 and Thunderbird, Evolution and KMail.


Felix Geyer

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