Review Request 119302: Make FindPyQt4 work with PyQt's new build system.

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Wed Jul 16 20:49:26 BST 2014

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Review request for kdelibs, Alex Merry, Luca Beltrame, and Simon Edwards.

Bugs: 337462

Repository: kdelibs


Since PyQt 4.10, PyQt.pyqtconfig is deprecated and not available unless
PyQt is built using the old configure script.

There is no direct replacement for it, as PyQt's new build system does
not provide as much information as before by design. Luckily, most of
the variables we are interested in can be obtained from PyQt's QtCore
module itself even if its old build system is used.

The only exception is pyqt_sip_dir, which cannot be determined at all if
pyqtconfig is not available. In this case, the most we can do is guess
the default path like QScintilla2 does, and fail if it does not exist.
The user then needs to specify it manually via CMake with something like
-DPYQT4_SIP_DIR=/usr/share/sip/PyQt4. To this effect, all variables set
by FindPyQt4.cmake have been made cache variables, which means their
values can be overriden by the user, thus ignoring the contents read via


  cmake/modules/ 5d2f9514d87553d5a16a95943618572316c92861 
  cmake/modules/FindPyQt4.cmake b176b4f8cfee471a1b7aecdd2723d165b0496a85 



I was able to make Kate find PyQt by passing `-DPYQT4_SIP_DIR=<...>` with my PyQt installation without ``, and calling `` by hand on a Debian system with `` worked as before.


Raphael Kubo da Costa

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