Using kqmlgraphplugin in Plasma Next

Mark Gaiser markg85 at
Fri Jan 31 20:34:47 GMT 2014

> Canvas based: I have no experience with that but I guess performance is should
> be better than with QPaintedItem, since it directly renders to a GPU
> framebuffer and painting can be done in an separate thread.

As far as i know both (canvas and qpainter) are software rendered.
However, canvas apparently has some option to set the render target
"Canvas.FramebufferObject" (the default btw) which makes the GPU do
something the CPU would otherwise do. But it's by far GPU rendered
otherwise you would be able to do fluid animations with it. Which you

My guess - and i haven't looked in the canvas code - is that canvas is
using QPainter internally to render everything smooth and sharp and
then moves the resulting image as a texture to the GPU. Or something
along those lines.

For a real hardware accelerates canvas you should open up Chrome and
go to this link: I doubt that
would be possible with the same performance in the QML canvas ;)

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