kqmlgraphplugin -- a QML plugin to render beautiful and interactive graphs

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Wed Jan 29 12:55:39 GMT 2014

Hi Inge,

> What's your long term plan for this module?  I have been looking for a
> better chart module for the calligra charts for some time. The current one
> is good bug strictly 2D only.  If you are interested in adding more chart
> types then we are interested in using it.
> But for that to be feasible we need at least:
>  - More 2D planar types: bar charts, area charts, line charts (you have this
> already)
>  - 2D polar types: Ring charts
>  - Pie types: Pie charts, Ring charts
>  - 3D charts:  This is what is lacking now.
> Now, I understand that this will take a long time but I'm just wondering if
> you are interested in working towards this at all.

I can't promise anything with regards to large feature additions. My focus 
will be releasing this software at all and the port to Qt Quick 2. Which will 
be, if done thoroughly, quite a big task. There is lot of QPainter use in the 
components, which isn't exactly encouraged in Qt Quick 2.

I would avoid large feature additions before the Qt Quick 2 port and before 
the related technical decisions are made.

It would be certainly great to have such a large user like Calligra, but for 
that the project's scope has to be extended significantly. So far I have 
designed the components for the "casual" chart user, like visualizing the 
training progress in KTouch or artikulate. It is unlikely that will be able to 
achieve that on my own.

> Regarding 3D charts, I have no idea if this is even possible using QML alone
> or if you need to do something else for that.
This is certainly possible in Qt Quick 2. Maybe not entirely with QML but one 
can extend the scene graph with new 3D node types in C++. But I personally 
have exactly zero experience with 3D programming.

Best regards,


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