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> Am Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014, 20:10:13 schrieb Ivan Čukić:
> > > To move a file to another machine and have the metadata be copied and
> re-
> > > indexed on that new machine as well. The copy process just needs to
> take
> > > care of transfering the xattr. This can even work when using a USB
> stick
> > > or so as interim medium.
> >
> > I'm all for xattrs, but this thread really raises a nice question of
> which
> > annotations/tags/whatever should be public and which should not.
> IMHO the default should be "privacy first". Probably everyone of us has
> laughed
> about someone who accidentially published either metadata or deleted text
> (remember MS Word document history or something)? I'm absolutely fine if
> you
> want this that you do this. But most people will not be aware of it, even
> less
> of the implications. So it should be deactivated by default and only
> activated
> explicitely.
> Eike

What about something like what Dolphin has now, where when you drop a file
on a removable filesystem or remote drive it pops up the current
copy/move/link option, but also has a checkbox (disabled by default buy
configurable) to "copy metadata" or "copy tags" or something along those
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