Review Request 115311: [kwin] Don't call into GL without a context

James Jones jajones at
Mon Jan 27 22:02:33 GMT 2014

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(Updated Jan. 27, 2014, 10:02 p.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace, Thomas L├╝bking and Marco Martin.


Added formatted patch as requested.  I don't have commit access, and didn't plan on requesting.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be a frequent contributor, so it probably isn't worth the trouble.  Thanks for your help with this change Thomas.

Repository: kde-workspace


[kwin] Don't call into GL without a context

After losing current from the EGL or GLX
context, calls to the GL or GLES functions
have undefined behavior.  Perform all
cleanup that may touch OpenGL and check for
GL errors before losing current from the


  kwin/egl_wayland_backend.cpp b229cdd84161a64d5cd93c189514067867773e7f 
  kwin/eglonxbackend.cpp dd41da55b94821802f2d1464794db39bd636088a 
  kwin/glxbackend.cpp 73f463e9df43c2cd71836ce3f48da84fb4df35ed 
  kwin/scene_opengl.cpp 961e81fbcc39940bc49179899e034ad8a9e802cd 



Compiled/Installed kde-workspace on x86
kwin_gles (EGL+X11) - Tested mode switching
kwin (GLX) - Tested mode switching

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James Jones

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