Review Request 113885: 3 types of blur

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Sat Jan 25 14:23:27 GMT 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for kdelibs and kwin.

Repository: kdelibs


To enhance readability, not only blur the background, but if the right x property is provided, either make the color of the pixels lighter or darker, decreasing the contrast a lot.
This is different from just making the window more opaque, since it doesn't cover the information about color, but just information about contrast, making the end result better looking.
This is the kdelibs facing part of


  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindoweffects.h 78195ac 
  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindoweffects_dummy.cpp ce3b9bf 
  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindoweffects_x11.cpp 9e3fba7 




Marco Martin

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