Review Request 114567: RFC: SecondaryActiveChanged signal for advanced screenlocking (global pause MPRIS2, Telepathy N/A status, etc)

James Smith smithjd15 at
Fri Jan 24 09:08:34 GMT 2014

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(Updated Jan. 24, 2014, 9:08 a.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace and Aaron J. Seigo.


Document use, avoid boolean trapping.

Repository: kde-workspace


Adds a second screen locking keyboard combination to provide advanced selective lock signaling to running applications for such things as pausing MPRIS2 players in Kmix to setting away status in Telepathy. Applications are connected differently from standard screen saver signaling which is decidedly a blunt handled instrument.

A SecondaryActiveChanged signal for in addition to ActiveChanged would be great to have moved into with the above goal and cross-desktop in mind. Right now the implementation sits happily in org.kde.screensaver.

Diffs (updated)

  ksmserver/screenlocker/dbus/org.kde.screensaver.xml e700b88 
  ksmserver/screenlocker/interface.h 97a6073 
  ksmserver/screenlocker/interface.cpp e3579fb 
  ksmserver/screenlocker/ksldapp.h b292b62 
  ksmserver/screenlocker/ksldapp.cpp 585cd5d 



Compile, run. 


James Smith

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