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Thu Jan 23 11:55:35 GMT 2014

Am Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014, 02:10:21 schrieb Vishesh Handa:
> On Saturday 18 January 2014 12:53:38 Jonathan Marten wrote:
> > Vishesh Handa <me at> writes:
> > >
> > 
> > Thanks for producing that useful page, and of course for all your past
> > and current work on Nepomuk and Baloo.  There is one statement there
> > that makes me a little concerned:
> > 
> > "This metadata is now stored with the extended attributes of the file
> > instead of storing it in a separate database."
> > 
> > Am I right in assuming that this means xattr?  If so, would there be
> > implications for cases where those extended attributes may not get
> > preserved or are not supported:
> > 
> > - simple copy/move of a file using cp/mv (with the default options)
> > - copy/move of a file using KIO
> > - network file systems (NFS or SMB)
> > - backup/restore
> > - FAT filesystems
> > - platforms other then Linux
> > 
> > Hoping that none of those will make normal use impossible, but if
> > there would be problems or workarounds needed with any of these then
> > they ought to be addressed early.
> The idea is that in systems which do not support xattr a secondary database
> will be used to store the information. So, it will be very similar to the
> situation we had with Nepomuk.
> I still have to implement this.

As a user feedback: I like the idea of using xattrs a lot. And also your effort 
with Baloo. I was a bit surprised by it as of now finally the Nepomuk stuff 
basically works on my system.

I think that secondary database as backup if xattrs are not available is 

E.g. I wonder whether xattrs are available with

- NFS mounted homes (especially when those are backed by non-linux NFS 
implementations like from NetApp)

or through

- ecryptfs and other stacked filesystem approaches.

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