AW: KDE Review: Moving Smb4K to extragear/network

alexander.reinholdt at alexander.reinholdt at
Thu Jan 23 08:08:03 GMT 2014


> > I checked the the code and compared it with the tutorials on techbase. And
> > I seem to have done everything necessary: All strings in the QML code are
> > translatable and the strings are correctly extracted from the QML files
> > as well. Could you please give me a hint, what's missing?
> Sure, extraction to the translation catalog "smb4k" is correct, that was
> never in question.
> But your plasmoid tries to load the translation catalog
> "plasma_applet_smb4k- qml", but this catalog does not exist, therefore the
> plasmoid gui is untranslated.
> The catalog name for the plasmoid is generated in kde-runtime/plasma/:
> scriptengines/javascript/plasmoid/declarativeappletscript.cpp#90
> KGlobal::locale()->insertCatalog("plasma_applet_" %
> description().pluginName());
> With plasmoid/package/metadata.desktop:32:X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=smb4k-qml
> the catalogname is "plasma_applet_smb4k-qml"
> Adding a in smb4k/plasmoid/ with
> #!/bin/bash
> $XGETTEXT `find . -name \*.qml` -L Java -o
> $podir/plasma_applet_smb4k-qml.pot
> makes the plasmoid gui translated, but e.g. the dialogs "Edit Bookmarks" +
> "Mount Share" opened from the plasmoid are still untranslated, because the
> messages for them are in smb4k.
> @Albert: How to solve this dilemma?

The proper solution would probably be splitting the thing into 3 .pot files, 
one for core/ that gets loaded with a KCatalogLoader, one for smb4k that gets 
loaded by the regular KAboutData/KComponentData way and another for the 
plasmoid that gets loaded the plasmoid way.

The easy solution is just adding a KCatalogLoader of smb4k catalog somewhere 
in core/

Thanks for the directions, Burkhard and Albert. I will split the current catalogue into three *.pot files as suggested by Albert.


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