Moving KFIleMetadata into KDE SC (documentation and ExtractionResult)

David Edmundson david at
Wed Jan 22 12:09:58 GMT 2014

Add COPYING file
ExtractorPluginManager::fetchExtractors seems odd to me.
If it can't find any plugins it searches for all plugins that start
the same prefix.

I assume it's designed so I can have a plugin with the mimetype audio/
that will still match the file mimetype audio/mp3
But this means that if I add a special new plugin with the mimetype
audio/mp3 the original plugin will stop running? Given you're trying
to build a list of all valid plugins, is that meant to happen?



Having setInputUrl / setInputMimetype public in a way which can be set
by the plugins seems wrong; personally I'd put the two in the


We should document the list of names of properties that can be extracted.
Some things are in lowerCamelCase i.e "wordCount" "author" except for
the eviv plugin which is in the form:

and the odf extractor which is in the form


to me it seems fairly random.

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