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Tue Jan 21 12:37:29 GMT 2014

On 01/21/14 13:22, Vishesh Handa wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 January 2014 13:06:40 vivo75 at wrote:
>> On 01/21/14 11:50, Vishesh Handa wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 21 January 2014 02:24:01 Francesco R. wrote:
>>>> just always use an additional database, xattrs are not the way to go.
>>>> Managing xattrs require a conscious user, many programs by default don't
>>>> even copy xattrs.
>>> I disagree. It'll be easier to backup / restore xattr than it would be
>>> with
>>> that database. Additionally, a LOT of tools do respect extended attributes
>>> (cp with the -a flag), in contrast Nepomuk has never copied any metadata.
>>> I doubt I can implement it with the extra database as well.
>>> Plus, with extended attributes the metadata is never lost. With the
>>> additional database, if the file is moved to a place which is not
>>> tracked, then the data will be lost.
>> So we agree to disagree ;)
>> especially on the never lost part, when moved with kio they will be
>> lost, when using unix command line programs, and without special
>> arguments they will be lost.
> When copied not moved.
even when moved, try sftp://

Other than the comment at end mail this will be my last message, I
cannot add anything else to this discussion, you and the kde developer
have all the elements needed to make a choice.
Obviously I hope xattr will not be used or they will be backed up in
some way but it's entirely your (plural) choice.

>> Most important of all they are normally hidden, more hidden than a .dot
>> file, an additional database, even a .dot file is much more easy to
>> remember.
>> $ echo "Hello" > a
>> $ attr -s simple.attibute -V "test for xattr"  ./a
>> Attribute "simple.attibute" set to a 14 byte value for ./a:
>> test for xattr
>> $ kioclient cp a b
>> $ attr -l b
>> <empty>
> kio can be modified :)

most kio need to be modified (and indeed it would be good also for other
>> $ cp a b
>> $ attr -l b
>> <empty>
>> $ cp -a a b
>> $ attr -l b
>> Attribute "simple.attibute" has a 14 byte value for b
>> $ rm b
>> $ rsync a b
>> $ attr -l b
>> <empty>
>> $ rsync -X a b
>> $ attr -l b
>> Attribute "simple.attibute" has a 14 byte value for b
> Maybe we could push distros to enable the -a flag by default? Mac does it by 
> default.
it's  not -a
it's -X for rsync
it's --xattrs for tar (no short option)
it's not supported by zip (who care?)

it's a mess
And windows?

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