Moving Baloo forward

Vishesh Handa me at
Tue Jan 21 10:50:51 GMT 2014

On Tuesday 21 January 2014 02:24:01 Francesco R. wrote:
> just always use an additional database, xattrs are not the way to go.
> Managing xattrs require a conscious user, many programs by default don't
> even copy xattrs.

I disagree. It'll be easier to backup / restore xattr than it would be with 
that database. Additionally, a LOT of tools do respect extended attributes (cp 
with the -a flag), in contrast Nepomuk has never copied any metadata. I doubt 
I can implement it with the extra database as well.

Plus, with extended attributes the metadata is never lost. With the additional 
database, if the file is moved to a place which is not tracked, then the data 
will be lost.

> > I still have to implement this.
> maybe start without additional metadata, but xattrs must not reach user
> systems

Nope. I really think extended attributes is the way to go. There is also an 
XDG standard for extended attributes [1]

Vishesh Handa


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