Moving Baloo forward

Vishesh Handa me at
Mon Jan 20 18:08:41 GMT 2014

On Sunday 19 January 2014 14:44:01 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> misses lots of stuff of plasma-mobile, share-like-connect, rekonq, ktp,
> tellico.


> Found in
> Can you please find out about them and add the information?
> Not found there but found by grepping my 4.11 branch of kde-workspace,
> nepomuksearch runner, containmentactions/switchactivity,
> dataengines/metadata.
> I am interested what is your plan for kde-workspace since it's frozen at
> 4.11.

I will provide a Baloo runner. The metadata dataengine can die. It uses Strigi 
internally, and just uses Nepomuk for tags, ratings and comments. If someone 
really has a huge objection then I can provide a similar Baloo dataengine.

The SwitchActivity does not use Nepomuk. It just has a variable called 
"useNepomuk" which doesn't do anything with Nepomuk.

> Also are you sure you can finish all that in 5 weeks?

I can finish all the applications that are part of KDE SC for sure. This 
involves -

1. Dolphin
3. GwenView

The rest, no. I doubt I can do it all.

Vishesh Handa

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