Moving Baloo forward

Jonathan Marten jjm2 at
Sat Jan 18 12:53:38 GMT 2014

Vishesh Handa <me at> writes:

Thanks for producing that useful page, and of course for all your past
and current work on Nepomuk and Baloo.  There is one statement there
that makes me a little concerned:

"This metadata is now stored with the extended attributes of the file
instead of storing it in a separate database."

Am I right in assuming that this means xattr?  If so, would there be
implications for cases where those extended attributes may not get
preserved or are not supported:

- simple copy/move of a file using cp/mv (with the default options)
- copy/move of a file using KIO
- network file systems (NFS or SMB)
- backup/restore
- FAT filesystems
- platforms other then Linux

Hoping that none of those will make normal use impossible, but if
there would be problems or workarounds needed with any of these then
they ought to be addressed early.

Regards, Jonathan

Jonathan Marten               
Twickenham, UK                          jjm2 at

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