Moving KFIleMetadata into KDE SC

Vishesh Handa me at
Fri Jan 17 17:03:31 GMT 2014

Hey guys

I should have posted this with the Baloo thread, but since I did not -

WIth KDE SC 4.10, Nepomuk dropped support for Strigi and implemented their own 
indexing library. This code was part of nepomuk-core. With Baloo, this code 
has been migrated into its own repository called kfilemetadata. I'm hoping to 
make it into its own framework some point in the future.

I would like to move this code into KDE SC along with Baloo.

None of the code is new. It has all been taken from neopmuk-core. The only 
change is that the indexers no longer use the ontologies.

Vishesh Handa

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