Review Request 114984: Fix build on MinGW with newer Windows SDK's strsafe.h

Andrius da Costa Ribas andriusmao at
Sun Jan 12 15:55:06 GMT 2014

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Review request for KDE Runtime and kdewin.

Repository: kde-runtime


When building with MinGW new conflicts appeared when including strsafe before Qt headers (specially QString included from QBuffer). Also a new weird compiling error telling "'lstrcpy_instead_use_stringcbcopy_or_stringcchcopy' undeclared identifier" appeared, so I replaced lstrcpy with the equivalent use of StringCchCopy (


  kioslave/thumbnail/icoutils_win.cpp e223aa1 



Tested using MinGW, thumbnails still work fine. No errors when building with MSVC either.


Andrius da Costa Ribas

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