Moving Baloo and Baloo-widgets into KDE SC

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Fri Jan 10 10:02:22 GMT 2014

Am Donnerstag, 09. Januar 2014, 23.26:01 schrieb Àlex Fiestas:

Morning Alex

> On Thursday 09 January 2014 21:52:52 Christoph Feck wrote:
> > But if the above scenario does not work, we should probably not
> > introduce Baloo for KDE SC 4.x.
> I have to disagree here.

And I'm probably disagree with you but let me explain below.

> We can't keep playing this conservative when we have things that are in the
> Nepomuk situation. If it is the most hated piece of software we have is not
> by chance.
> If the breakage is minimal (which I know it is, but I will let vHanda reply
> to that) I vote to replace it even if we make a bit worse the experience
> using some weird application that nobody has heard of.

The release schedule for 4.13 is really short (4 month). With the feature 
freeze in approx. 1.5 months, see [1]. 

As 4.13 will be one of our last release in the 4 era I think we should be 
quite sure that we don't break anything or even more to be 110% sure to have 
fallbacks, migration, APIs for Nepomuk apps to access Baloo data etc.

And even though I know that Vishesh is doing a great and a hell of a job I'm 
not too sure if one single person can manage all of this (not just the 
implementation but I think it needs a lot of testing as well).

IIRC it's still not clear for all the current Nepomuk apps if they work after 
4.13. Let's try to list them again.

- Amarok (got Nepomuk support with 2.7, will it work after 4.13?
- Digikam (gets new Nepomuk with 4.0.0 due in May or so. Will it work)?
- Dolphin
- Gwenview
- Conquiere
- KPhotoalbum
- Kamoso (seems so be ready in time)
- Kdenlive (out of the most popular KDE apps, with some man power problems 
atm, ok, but nonetheless)
- Nepomuk-webminer and Nepomuktvnamer
- Plasma Active/Plasma mobile with Share-Like-Connect

And another question. Will people who used Nepomuk extensively lose data? I 
know that Nepomuk was one of the most hated software, but there were and are 
people who like(d) and love(d) it.

So in conclusion I think that a change of Nepomuk to Baloo in 4.x without a 
100% (very very well tested!) migration plan and testing is a no-go (from my 
side, just me). I've the strong feeling that such big changes are for 
something like kf5 and a port of the apps to kf5.

> Ps: Some distros even disable Nepomuk by default... Really with this we are
> going to annoying almost nobody.

Best regards


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