KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Tue Jan 7 22:10:11 GMT 2014

On 7 January 2014 19:55, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org> wrote:
> El Dimarts, 7 de gener de 2014, a les 18:24:41, Alex Merry va escriure:
>> On 07/01/14 17:10, John Layt wrote:
>> > I've put myself down (rather obviously) for KPrintUtils.  Most of the
>> > dialog code from there has been merged into Qt5.2, or is planned for
>> > Qt 5.3, so needs deleting.  I'm also wondering if we still need our
>> > own KPrintPreview dialog, there was a reason in 4.0 but I can't
>> > remember why now and I'm not sure it is still valid.  Alex Merry might
>> > remember, was it because QPrintPreview wasn't available at the time?
>> > We may not end up with much left here :-)
>> I don't remember, but looking at email archives and Qt docs, it looks
>> like that probably was the reason; I think we started KDE4 depending on
>> Qt 4.3, and QPrintPreview was added in 4.4.
> And the underlying tech is totally different too, KPrintPreview prints to pdf
> and then shows the preview in an okular part while QPrintPreview does a
> totally different thing.

I've mostly avoided looking at QPrintPreviewDialog so far (bad
maintainer!), but it is basically another paint device you paint to
when requested, using exactly the same painting code as you would for
normal printing, or printing the preview to PDF.  In theory it should
be better than KPrintPreview as it only asks you to render the pages
it needs as it needs them, rather than pre-rendering the whole
document like KPrintPreview does, and it doesn't need the Okular KPart
installed to work either.  I think some apps like Calligra already
prefer to use it for those reasons (that and zander being the original
author).  It wouldn't work for use inside Okular though, but then it
always seems a little weird to do a print preview in Okular to just
get an Okular window again :-)

I'll do a more in-depth investigation and come back to the list to
make a decision.


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