KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Mon Jan 6 23:45:19 GMT 2014

On Monday 06 January 2014 23:54:46 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> On Monday 06 January 2014 22:26:27 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > IMO something like proposing the maintainers and approving them,
> > similar to Qt, would be good, i.e. at least some kind of
> > "voting" by who we will be "governed".
> Definitely something we'll need at some point. For bootstrapping
> I'm more looking for volunteers ATM, we have more seats to feel
> than declared candidates...

If everything else fails (in other words, if we really want to have a 
name listed, but nobody else steps up), I am willing to maintain these 
- kiconthemes
- kimageformats (including webp plugin from kde-runtime)
- kplotting
- kwidgetsaddons

I may also be interested in kconfigwidgets, kcmutils, kcompletion, and 
kguiaddons in the future (I don't know the code good enough yet).

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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