KDE Frameworks: Moving toward 5.0 final and Governance

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at kde.org
Mon Jan 6 08:33:38 GMT 2014

On Monday 06 January 2014 07:52:50 Kevin Ottens wrote: 
> The current list of modules is there:
> http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/List
> As you can see there's quite some holes in the table, and quite a few
> entries marked unmaintained. KDE Frameworks as a set of technologies will
> only be taken seriously if we get something more complete there. I urge
> everyone with an interest in KDE Frameworks to step up, look at that list
> and volunteer to maintain a framework. If you volunteer, know that the
> following will be expected from you:
>  1) Complete in the table the information regarding your framework;
>  2) Do an API review and modernization pass in your framework (possibly with
> the help of others);
>  3) Stick around for a long period to act as maintainer (see below for
> details);
>  4) The day you want to move away from your duties, do so responsibly, don't
> just disappear, make sure you pass the torch to someone else (probably the
> most important point in the list!).
I have a question concerning the platforms: must a maintainer be able to 
support/maintain all platforms or can a maintainer say I only maintain the 
framework for platform foo?

This is a very important point given that our community comes from a Linux 
background and testing patches on other platforms requires to buy software 
and/or new hardware.

To make a very practical example: so far maintainership of KWindowSystem was 
in the KWin team, but obviously we can only maintain the X11 part of it.

To go with that: can a framework be team maintained? E.g. could I write down 
"KWin team" or just write down "KWin maintainer" to bind the maintainership to 
KWin as it used to be?

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