Review Request 109609: disable session management for screensavers

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at
Thu Jan 2 18:57:13 GMT 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace and Oliver Henshaw.

Bugs: 314859

Repository: kde-workspace


This patch disables session management for screensavers.
Therefore no screensaver windows popup anymore on login if processes keep on running when the user logs out.

As proposed in

This doesn't solve the underlying problem of bug#224200 of course, but provides better user experience for now, so please accept.

And IMHO it doesn't make sense to restore screensavers on login, anyway.


  kscreensaver/libkscreensaver/main.cpp 6851ba1 



- Turn on the "Blank Screen" (kblankscrn.kss) screensaver in systemsettings.
- Wait for the screensaver to kick in
- Verify that the process is still running (due to bug#224200)
- log out
- log in again
Now no "kblankscrn.kss" window is opened anymore (without the patch, a window should appear)


Wolfgang Bauer

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