KColorEdit in extragear/graphics

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 22:15:08 GMT 2014

2014-02-23 11:56 GMT-03:00 Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org>:
> El Diumenge, 23 de febrer de 2014, a les 15:53:44, Albert Astals Cid va
> escriure:
>> El Dissabte, 22 de febrer de 2014, a les 19:13:39, Percy Camilo Triveño
>> Aucahuasi va escriure:
>> > Hi all, the migration is complete now[1], big thanks to Ben for all the
>> > help and patience.
>> The log still seems to be incomplete, first commit is
>> kcoloredit moves to extragear
>> svn path=/trunk/extragear/graphics/kcoloredit/; revision=674157
>> Seems to ignore the past of kcoloredit in trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/kcoloredit/
>> before that move.
>> Can you have a look?
> Also it seems it has no tags at all and i can see that kcoloredit was part of
> http://websvn.kde.org/tags/KDE/3.0.4/kdegraphics/
> so it should have a v3.0.4 tag (and probably others)

I have fixed these and other problems, the history seems complete now.

Can I get force-push permissions to kcoloredit.git?


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