KDM + ConsoleKit + Logind

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Mon Feb 17 13:09:50 GMT 2014

2014-02-17 13:55 GMT+01:00 Lukáš Tinkl <ltinkl at redhat.com>:
> Dne 17.2.2014 11:51, Harald Sitter napsal(a):
>> Ahoys
>> I was looking for some input on KDM+CK in a Logind world. When a
>> system is using Logind I guess KDM+CK doesn't do much useful, so the
>> question arose whether distributions with such a lineup should build
>> without CK support. In short:
>> If the rest of the system uses Logind, should KDM be built without CK
>> support?
>> Would building without CK support reduce user functionality, and if so
>> aren't we then essentially requiring distributions that use KDM to
>> continue using CK until Plasma Next comes along? (we are not
>> communicating this very if this is the case).
> Hi,
> I'm not entirely sure about kdm but for the rest of the code in
> kde-workspace (kworkspace, powerdevil et co.), login1 support is fairly
> complete and preferred over CK.
We are using a KDE 4.11 systemd running on pure logind in Tanglu
without any reported issues. KDM has multiseat patches applied, which
were taken from[1].
We also adjusted some other dependencies, but that was just minor work
on the packaging.
So yes, you can use KDM with logind, but I am not sure that using it
at all will make sense long-term, since KDM is dead now.

[1]: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/112294/diff/

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