KDE Review: Move LabPlot to extragear.

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at web.de
Fri Feb 14 07:29:22 GMT 2014


> That's the thing, if the code can be downloaded separately, it is much
> better just using it as a proper library and not embedding it into your
> sources.
Please don't get confused by the folder name "library" here. It's not really a 
library that you can simply plug-in into another projects. This code parses 
origin files and creates (old) LabPlot's objects. I don't know what the code 
on the sourceforge for liborigin2 actually does (as already said, I'm not the 
author of this code and it was further developed by QtiPlot and SciDAVis 
people), but what I know is - it depends on boost. Currently, I don't want to 
have this dependence in LabPlot. The code you see now in this liborigin-folder 
is the latest state without this dependence on boost.
Later, if we revive this code, everything you see in this folder will be moved 
to the appropriate folder were all import filters reside. But for now, I'll 
keep this code (again, originally designed in and for the old LabPlot only) in 
our repository.


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