Thanks for your help and please go on!

Mario Fux KDE ML kde-ml at
Fri Feb 14 15:55:44 GMT 2014

First and foremost I'd like to thank all the people who already took some time 
and participated in the questionnaire [1] for my diploma thesis and KDE.

But it's not over yet (last chance is on 25th of February) and we still need 
more data and as a member of KDE I know we can do more and better. I got some 
feedback about the length of the questionnaire [1] and that some questions 
(mostly the once at the beginning of the questionnaire [1] about the 12 
different tasks) are quite abstract and difficult. But please try it, try your 
best and take the time and brain power. The remaining part of the 
questionnaire [1] (after these two pages with the tasks questions) is quite 
easy and quickly done.

So if you already started the questionnaire and gave up then or needed to run 
for something else: no problem, you can reopen the questionnaire and continue 
where you left. And don't forget the chance to win something nice  - but just 
if you complete and submit the questionnaire [1].

And if there are any questions, feedback or you need help don't hesitate a 
moment to write me an email or ping me on IRC ( as unormal.

Thanks a lot for your help and tell your fellow KDE mates about this 
questionnaire [1]
Mario Fux

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