Review Request 115515: [oxygen] Check whether we are on platform X11 before calling into xcb

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Fri Feb 7 12:13:56 GMT 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace and Hugo Pereira Da Costa.

Repository: kde-workspace


[oxygen] Check whether we are on platform X11 before calling into xcb

Just because we compiled with X11 present doesn't mean we run on X11.
This fixes quite a lot of crashers when trying to run framework apps
on Wayland.

@Hugo: do you know of further files which use xcb unconditionally and which I just haven't hit yet?


  kstyles/oxygen/CMakeLists.txt ca9cc1a1710187f5013482ef502c456238fd4373 
  kstyles/oxygen/oxygenblurhelper.cpp d774b2c45f8ec452311d34f35adf4d9bcc39693d 
  kstyles/oxygen/oxygenshadowhelper.cpp f77093daa4f907afd55333032c6f6b618ad2f47f 
  kstyles/oxygen/oxygenstylehelper.cpp 7e2de41822bf0205e2cec7ea82c8e3f6751a2a6b 
  kstyles/oxygen/oxygenwindowmanager.h 7ef54d3172b0b0a92b6c33152858cb923b9d3f1e 
  kstyles/oxygen/oxygenwindowmanager.cpp 308ce4d049b6ce4c9c2cdd67448d351747f34b19 
  libs/oxygen/oxygenhelper.h 8d734e6e3f3a23c0257cc400417c340ba6d48bea 
  libs/oxygen/oxygenhelper.cpp 1fe78c24c053e74f2179de00ee9a5701997a0acb 



running Kate on Wayland till it crashes (or doesn't)


Martin Gräßlin

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