Review Request 115519: Do not use KDE_VERSION_STRING for workspace applications

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Fri Feb 7 11:33:54 GMT 2014

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Review request for kde-workspace and Release Team.

Repository: kde-workspace


Workspace is no longer synced with kdelibs releases. Thus if compiled
against e.g. 4.12 we want our workspace apps to still be 4.11.


  kwin/clients/oxygen/demo/main.cpp 83d9d83 
  kwrited/kwrited.cpp cab2d6b 
  plasma/desktop/shell/main.cpp ea3d43d 
  startkde.cmake 30d5ab5 
  statusnotifierwatcher/statusnotifierwatcher.cpp 97ae164 
  systemsettings/app/main.cpp 78109e0 
  kstyles/oxygen/config/main.cpp 5a5286e 
  kstyles/oxygen/demo/main.cpp 005395b 
  ksysguard/gui/ksysguard.cpp 2ad34f2 
  config-workspace.h.cmake b3ba37d 
  khotkeys/kcm_hotkeys/kcm_hotkeys.cpp 389a361 
  kinfocenter/main.cpp c28f7cf 
  krunner/main.cpp 6eac316 
  kscreensaver/kblank_screensaver/blankscrn.cpp 99ef649 
  kscreensaver/krandom_screensaver/random.cpp 4047184 



compiled with 4.12.60 kdelibs and looked at e.g. startkde and systemsettings which have now 4.11.6.


Martin Gräßlin

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