KDE Review: Move kqtquickcharts to KDE Edu

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Wed Feb 5 16:25:48 GMT 2014

Hi everyone,

kqtquickcharts (formerly known as kqmlgraphs) provides components for line and 
bar charts for QtQuick applications.

As discussed earlier, I want to release the project as soon as possible (read: 
4.13) so KTouch and artikulate can use it. The release of artikulate depends 
on this, KTouch will drop its own copy of the charts code as soon as the 
review progress is over.

Ideally I want to release the project in the current state with as little 
changes possible. Large new features and refactorings are reserved for the 
inevitable port to QtQuick 2. With that, I may try to get project into 
Frameworks 5, depending on interest. For now, I stick with KDE Edu.

The repository for the review is located at:


Best regards,


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