KF5 Update Meeting Minutes 2014-w6

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Tue Feb 4 15:35:01 GMT 2014

Hello everyone,

This is the minutes of the Week 6 KF5 meeting. As usual it has been held on 
#kde-devel at 4pm Paris time.

Were present: agateau, alexmerry, apol, mgraesslin, Riddell, teo, tosky and 

 * Alpha 1 didn't get released, dfaure just forgot :-)
 * It should be released as soon as he surfaces;
 * Please make sure if you got some tasks that it's status is up to date:
   (especially relevant for agateau, alexmerry and valir);

 * teo looked at ksecretservice and started to port it to kf5;

 * agateau started documenting how to document frameworks;
 * he hit a wall because the KDE Library Documentation Policy wiki page is 
read-only (?!);
 * he also mentioned kapidox running on api.kde.org;
 * last but not least he did a bunch of reviews;

 * alexmerry has been working on ECM and cleaning up our buildsystem;
 * he also added autotests in KImageFormats;

 * apol did the KF5 presentation at FOSDEM;
 * he's also working on splitting krunner our of plasma-framework;

 * mgraesslin has been working on KWindowSystem;
 * he should be almost ready to have things running on wayland;

 * Riddell reported that all frameworks are packaged in Kubuntu;
 * he also reported that the qt4 branch of polkit-qt should be good to go;
 * he still has a few patches waiting for review;
 * he wonders if we should rename entry.desktop files in kde4support to avoid 
clashes with kdelibs4;
 * he finally reported that Qt developers were excited by KF5 at the FOSDEM 

 * tosky maybe found a way to keep compatibility with the current docbook in 

 * ervin is still hunting for maintainers;
 * he also touched bits and pieces in the wiki.

If you got questions, feel free to ask.

Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

KDAB - proud supporter of KDE, http://www.kdab.com

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