Review Request 121746: avoid wrong trash size calculation when removing file from trash and cached size info is wrong

Martin Koller kollix at
Mon Dec 29 22:41:28 GMT 2014

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Review request for KDE Runtime and Tobias Koenig.

Bugs: 245482

Repository: kde-runtime


The trash kio-slave stores the current trash size in a KConfig cache file.
However it can happen that the information inside this file is wrong, e.g. when another (non-KDE) program puts some files into the trash.
This happens e.g. by using the ebook management software "calibre" when I delete a book. calibre implements the FDO trash specification on its own and therefore knows nothing about the KDE size cachefile.

This leads to the problem that when I move a file out of the trash which was put there by calibre, the subtraction underflows the cached size value resulting in a wrong huge absolute number, finally leading to the bug described here:


  kioslave/trash/trashsizecache.cpp 2fae964 



- unit tests
- calibre


Martin Koller

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