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On Mon, 29 Dec 2014 12:13:38 -0500
"Jeff Mitchell" <mitchell at> wrote:
> On 29 Dec 2014, at 11:36, Jan Kundrát wrote:
> > I agree with scratch repos being useful as a first step.
> Except nobody deletes it. That's a large problem. Scratch is nice in 
> concept but it's a sysadmin nightmare.
> Out of the 846 repos I currently count in scratch/, nearly all of
> them haven't seen a commit in years. Meanwhile that's an extra 846
> repos that have to be hosted, distributed to anongits, and backed up.
> That's not just a lot; that's the largest piece of our Git hosting.
> There are more scratch repos than normal repos. If clone repos were
> excluded, scratch repos would actually be a majority of all repos --
> and again, most of them haven't been touched in years. People
> complain about propagation delay of repos to anongits -- syncing all
> these totally outdated repos is a major reason.

ok, I can see your point. But, personally, I was absolutely unaware of
that problem, so far. And, while it's absolutely possible that I've
simply missed the relevant discussions(*), I tend to think that I
may not be the only one. In fact, at a cursory glance, I cannot even
find any relevant words of caution on either
- or

So lets not abandon a very useful concept without giving some soft
measures a try, first:
- Call for deletion of obsolete scratch repositories every once in a
  while. In fact, as a reaction to your mail, I will go ahead and
  delete my current (obsolete) scratch repo, right away.
- Clearly state in the docs that scratch repos should be used with
  resource consumption in mind.
- Every once in a while (fully automated or not), identify repositories
  that have not seen a commit in a year (most of them, as you say), and
  send mail to their owners requesting to do some sort of ping. Delete /
  archive repositories that have not seen a ping or other activity
  after a sensible grace period.


(*) I'm only just moving my main project to; but I have been
contributing on-and-off, and following kde-core-devel on-and-off, for years.
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