Changes to our Git infrastructure

Alex Merry alex.merry at
Fri Dec 26 12:11:56 GMT 2014

On Thursday 25 December 2014 21:20:53 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> No comments on scratch or clone repositories? Or the movement of
> repositories? Or how anongit functions (what you find works least well,
> etc)?

I'm not too sure of the utility of clone repos. TBH, I would rather push 
towards keeping everything as a branch in the main repo. Mostly, I want 
discoverability of branches of work - whether that is by automatically getting 
them when you do "git fetch", or by a github-like "clones of this repo" thing 
on the web interface.

On the scratch and anongit side, my main concern is (like Jan said) speed of 
syncing new things. I'd like to be able to know that people can clone 
something and view it in the online repo browser pretty much as soon as I 
create it.


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