Plasma 5.2 bits for kdereview

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Dec 23 14:09:32 GMT 2014

Sebastian Kügler ha scritto:
> On Friday, December 19, 2014 18:46:11 Luigi Toscano wrote:
>>> kscreen and libkscreen maintained by Dan Vrátil.  libkscreen is already
>>> released with Plasma but isn't in kde/workspace.
>> I disagree with moving libkscreen to kde/workspace. It is a dependency for
>> at least one application (Okular), which has no Framework version for now
>> but it will have it. It would make more sense to have libkscreen in
>> Frameworks, like libnm*
> libkscreen is not ready for that, currently. It's not API stable enough to 
> warrant such a step. It is used mainly in Plasma, but also by others (you name 
> Okular). I don't see that as a problem, you won't have to install all of 
> Plasma just to get libkscreen. It's at least a much better place to be grouped 
> under than "playground".
> If you're still against moving it from playground, where would you rather see 
> it?

I'm not sure that playground is the right place (even if "extragear" is more
appropriate, given that it's a software with regular releases).
libkscreen is in the same situation of baloo: not a Frameworks, but a generic
library that can be used by applications. Right now baloo is in the "kdelibs"
module, which is an unfortunate event too IMHO.

On the other side we have something like phonon, which is kdesupport.

It's a bit complicated situation. I think that we miss - or we should even
discuss - the placement of common libraries which are useful for everyone, but
they not stable enough to be part of Frameworks (the proper place). We have
some libraries in submodules, see kdegraphics or kdeedu for example, but
sometimes the boundary is a bit blurry, see the discussion about the placement
for libkgeomap on kde-core-devel at .

What's wrong with extragear/libs in the first place for those libraries?
Otherwise, a generic common-libs namespace ? Or some other name ("libs" enough
is a bit too generic maybe).


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