Plasma 5.2 bits for kdereview

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at
Tue Dec 23 12:17:46 GMT 2014

On Friday, December 19, 2014 06:46:11 PM Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Jonathan Riddell ha scritto:
> > Plasma 5.2 is due out next month and there's a few KDE projects which
> > would be good to be included.  Please review these for inclusion in
> > kde/workspace..
> > 
> > kscreen and libkscreen maintained by Dan Vrátil.  libkscreen is already
> > released with Plasma but isn't in kde/workspace.
> > 
> >
> >
> I disagree with moving libkscreen to kde/workspace. It is a dependency for
> at least one application (Okular), which has no Framework version for now
> but it will have it. It would make more sense to have libkscreen in
> Frameworks, like libnm*

AFAIK Okular is using KScreen only to get DPI info, which was not provided by 
QScreen in Qt 4. In Qt 5 you already have DPI API in QScreen, so you should 
not need KScreen anymore.


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