Problems with infrastructure

Ian Wadham at
Tue Dec 23 09:19:45 GMT 2014

Hello Jan,

On 22/12/2014, at 12:01 AM, Jan Kundrát wrote:
> On Friday, 19 December 2014 22:16:36 CEST, Scarlett Clark wrote:
>> Jenkins is compatible and works with Gerrit, so I don't understand why another CI is being considered.
> Because when I started this effort this spring, appeared to be on life support. I also wanted to expand the number of tools I understand, and make sure that I can evaluate various CI tools without a baggage of having to stick with a particular CI solution "just because we've always done it that way". That's why I started looking at various tools, and the whole stack which the OpenStack infrastructure team have built [1] looked extremely compelling (note: they still use Jenkins).
> The killer feature for me was their support for testing everything, where each and every commit that is going to land in a repository is checked to make sure it doesn't introduce any regressions. Not on a per-push basis, but on a per-commit basis. This is something which has bitten me in the past where I occasionally introduced commit series which contained occasional breakage in the middle, only to be corrected in a subsequent commit. That was bad because it breaks `git bisect` when one starts looking for errors discovered in future, by unrelated testing.

Well, it's Christmas, the season of goodwill.

So, Jan, how does all this explanation help Scarlett?

Does she have a mentor?  Is anybody helping her?

Does anybody wonder why people keep drifting away from the KDE community,
as Scarlett appears to be about to do?

Read again what Scarlett has to say.  I do not think her main message was to ask
"why another CI is being considered".  She feels "discarded" by it all.

All the best,
Ian W.

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