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Jan Kundr√°t jkt at kde.org
Wed Dec 17 17:30:03 GMT 2014

On Tuesday, 16 December 2014 23:58:02 CEST, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> If we were to replace Jenkins, you have indicated that custom work
> would be required to get reports for tests and tools like cppcheck
> generated and published.

Hi Ben, what I said is that generating pretty plots about historical trends 
of the number of build warnings and the number of cppcheck issues is 
something which Jenkins excells at, that I do not see any value in having 
these graphs, and that they do not make sense in case of pre-merge CI. With 
a pre-merge CI, there's no linear history anymore, so having Jenkins-style 
graph showing how many warnings were produced over the course of last week 
is a metric which, IMHO, doesn't make sense. How should such a graph look 
like, considering that the history might have many dead-ends?

I made a quick look into getting the cppcheck data published into Gerrit, 
but when testing this, I got back data which I cannot interpret properly.

1) For KIO's master branch with Qt5 (this is KF5, right?), the website [1] 
says that there are no errors, no warnings. However, if I run the tool 
locally on my laptop with no arguments, I get:

[src/widgets/jobuidelegate.cpp:78] -> [src/widgets/jobuidelegate.cpp:75]: 
(error, inconclusive) Possible null pointer dereference: w - otherwise it 
is redundant to check it against null.

If I use the same arguments as specified in websites/build.kde.org's 
config/build/global.cfg, I get a *ton* of warnings. Even after filtering 
out missing include files, I still get quite a few warnings, such as:

  <error id="uninitMemberVar" severity="warning" msg="Member variable 
'KUrlCompletionPrivate::list_urls_no_hidden' is not initialized in the 
constructor." verbose="Member variable 
'KUrlCompletionPrivate::list_urls_no_hidden' is not initialized in the 

2) I don't see any cppcheck results for Trojita. The web page at [2] says 
"This plugin will not report Cppcheck result until there is at least one 
success or unstable build.", but there have been 278 such builds so far. I 
got similar results for the other build variations.

Now, I might be doing something terribly wrong. Could you please point me 
in a right direction?

-> Are you sure that the version of cppcheck on build.k.o works properly 
right now? All projects which I ranodmly picked report 0 warnings; that's 
surprising given that there are some compiler warnings and I've always got 
more invalid warnings from cppcheck than from my compiler(s).

-> How are the custom include directories passed to cppcheck? Can it find 
the headers of the dependencies?


[1] http://build.kde.org/job/kio_master_qt5/470/cppcheckResult/
[2] http://build.kde.org/job/trojita_master_qt5/cppcheckResult/nodata

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