Thinking together

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Wed Dec 17 07:35:17 GMT 2014

Hello folks,

I've been reading the very intense discussion about the future of our
infrastructure, and the passion is good to see.

I hope all of the participants will keep in mind that we are thinking
together about the future of KDE, not supporting products or
positions. Already I've heard one participant say that he will no
longer speak up after being made to feel like a nobody, and another
who was very angry after being faced with an intractable position.

Remember that this discussion is taking place in multiple places, not
just here on the list, but also in IRC channels, publicly and
privately. So please sum up what has been discussed elsewhere before
taking the next step in your thinking here.

Always, no matter where, we need to take time to breathe, to think, to
reflect, and not just *convince*. We all have the best interests of
the larger community at heart.



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