Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Sun Dec 14 17:57:44 GMT 2014

Hi list!

recently, I requested to move libkface from extragear/libs to to 
kdegraphics/libs, because KPhotoAlbum began to use it as the first non-Digikam 
program. This has been done in the meantime and now, we have a Digikam-
independent libkface release to be found in unstable/applications (which can 
be used by distributors to create Digikam-independent libkface packages). 
Thanks again for the move :-)

Recently, we started to use another library from Digikam in KPhotoAlbum, 
libkgeomap. Would it be possible (of course after some review etc.) to do the 
same with this library, for the same reasons? Probably, kdegraphics/libs would 
not be the right place for libkgeomap, as it depends on Marble, but kde-edu.

Gilles Caulier from Digikam recently suggested that I asked for that, because 
apparently a lot of patching has been done to libkgeomap so that a stand-alone 
library release would be possible. I'm sure that the libkgeomap maintainers 
(esp. Gilles Caulier) will gladly change what has to be changed to get an 
independent release, and we would get the same benefits of it as the libkface 
move made.

What do you think?

Cheers, Tobias

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