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Christian Mollekopf chrigi_1 at
Wed Dec 10 09:28:59 GMT 2014

On Wednesday 10 December 2014 15.27:31 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> It has come to my attention that some developers have "issues" with
> KDE infrastructure in certain areas. This is the first time i've heard
> of these "problems" and to my knowledge nobody has ever spoken to
> sysadmin regarding them.
> If people have an issue, can they please actually raise it so we can
> discuss the matter and reach an agreement on something which would
> sort out your problem - and might actually help others too?

That might have been me, since I recently used github for some repos/branches 
that could have ended up on kde infrastructure. I did that mostly because I 
thought it didn't matter, because I wanted to try something else, and because 
I was too lazy to write this mail. So, since I used github a bit now, let me 
share my whishlist with you =)

* deleting branches: This is the only major gripe I have with the kde 
infrastructure. I think everyone should be able to delete branches (except 
some blacklisted ones). If I cannot delete my branches when I no longer need 
them I try to avoid pushing them, which doesn't help. Personal clones are not 
a solution IMO because you have to manage additional remotes. IMO the benefits 
outweigh the danger of someone accidentally deleting someone else's branch. 
Perhaps a naming scheme could be established for such branches, such as: 
dev/$foo or feature/$foo

* pull requests/the webinterface: reviewboard is awesome for single patches 
every now and then, it's rather useless when you work with branches IMO. With 
github we have a nice webinterface to review branches while keeping it simple.
Gerrit may be what I'm looking for though (never used it, looking forward to 
see how the testing goes).

* The rest I suppose is mostly psychological:
** On github I can click my way to a new repo, on kde I have to lookup a 
command (being able to do it from the commandline in the first place is a 
benefit though)
** I find githubs webinterface prettier and more useful. I actually use it 
sometimes, and I never use or If you're 
interested I could try to figure out what it actually is that I like more, 
because I can't really tell right now.

I know the last few are a bit silly but it's what could make the decision, 
unless I make the conscious decision that I want it on kde infrastructure 
because it's kde infrastructure (i.e. for community cohesion). This is quite 
an abstract thought, that although we all should be able to make it, without 
it it's a free market where sexyness may win ;-)

Anyways, thanks for doing a great job and caring, I'll try to be a bit more 
helpful in the future as well.


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