Review Request 119363: Port kde-baseapps to use docbook 4.5

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Sun Aug 24 17:33:40 BST 2014

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(Updated Aug. 24, 2014, 6:33 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Base Apps, Luigi Toscano and Nicolás Alvarez.


Add still open issue of proper handling of spaces in DATA_INSTALL_DIR to description

Repository: kde-baseapps

Description (updated)

This suggests to upgrade the docbook DTD from 4.2 to 4.5.


There is still an open issue here:

 Spaces in DATA_INSTALL_DIR need to be handled properly, so that the path in the DTD file

    /Library/Application\ Support/kf5/kdoctools/customization/dtd/kdex.dtd

 is correctly set, i.e. using "%20" instead of a space.


  doc/konqueror/index.docbook a1f8565404be0289b51af37df1687e0911a01fe5 
  dolphin/docs/index.docbook 5fe85f5d130e3723af556fb02b53970206d1c765 
  kdepasswd/docs/index.docbook 2ecef470ac8a9384b7aeb16f123f834d040ee375 
  kfind/docs/index.docbook d46dfa4138991a356eec32a7043a883150eb81c2 
  kfind/docs/man-kfind.1.docbook ef2eb3b9fb1ed1a84ae33fa631b0295a029444e0 



Builds/installs fine (if one doesn't use any white-space in DATA_INSTALL_DIR path) 


Marko Käning

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